Workout Plan

Planning Makes a Difference


We all have things that we need to accomplish no matter if you are a bodybuilder or if you are one of those  marathon runners, from week to week, and day-to-day. Most successes are due to the planning that took place in order to prepare. In business and in fitness there is no difference; one should always use a fitness journal. Fitness journal ideas believe it or not are a common item used in the fitness world. Not only can you pre-plan you can also track the progress you make through all of the training that takes place.  A great journal to use is gym pad, they look good, are durable.  You can get information on this from. 

Why to use a Fitness Journal

The concept of a journal is to use it to track your weekly food intake macros like:

  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins

This is very important speaking from my personal use. In the last six months, I’ve lost 30 pounds using this particular fitness journal idea to track my macros.  This can be very tedious as some folks choose to eat the same thing every day no matter what as long as they get a result.  That was the choice I made because it worked for me.  Some need a lot of variety, so they will need a whole lot of different foods.  In this case, a journal will come in very handy because after you buy a food and write the macros down it’s a log you can reference in the future.

The Plateau

The potentially bad part on both of these methods is that one can hit a plateau and not achieve the goals for that week.  Another potential con to tracking macros is weighing out all the food you eat for the day.  Also when the weekend comes and your friends want to go out you have to plan.   There is one other thing I did to lose that much weight, which was intermittent fasting.  I only ate between 1 pm and 6 pm and worked out in the morning fasted.

Fitness Journal Make Sure You Log your Time

I can’t say this was easy to do in the beginning because my energy was low, but after a week or two, I got used to it.  This may not be the best method for everyone but it did work for me. Logging the time windows I would eat at for the first two weeks help me realize which segment of the day worked out for me.  I did try eating between 12pm-6pm, 1pm-8pm before I found the time window that worked the best for me.  All these things go into creating the body one wants.  I used mine for losing weight, as the saying goes abs are made in the kitchen. That was my personal example of a fitness journal idea. My business partner and I have a lot of motivation, and  we are  just starting, I wanted to be healthier for the launch, so the Fitness Journal worked great for me.  

What else can I use a “ Fitness Journal ” for?

A person can use this method and track their workouts and also their muscle groups they did on a particular day throughout the week to track their progression. The workout I was doing, for example, is, on Monday I do back and biceps, Tuesday chest and triceps, Wednesday shoulders and legs. Then I repeat the days. I do rest 1 to 2 days a week normally on the weekends. If I find that I have extra energy I’d go work on my weak areas, which happens to be in my opinion shoulders and legs.

I find that the longer a person has been lifting weights or just in the fitness world it is easier for them to track progress.  It is also easier to remember what works for one’s body when it comes to developing it, as far as what workout creates the best result.  Also, which workout causes aches and pains.  The great thing about writing all this down with this method is you can always go back to a specific week or workout regimen to duplicate the results.

A great example of this is, say for example you wrote down everything you ate in a specific week, and you lost 3 pounds, the fact that you wrote everything down you should be able to replicate those results to a degree and if not you can make adjustments like removing a food item for the week.

Turn the Journal into Income

One could also parlay all these methods of tracking things that worked for them in the past and turn that into a method of income.  If they find a client that is somewhat close to what their body type is and have the same fitness goals, they can go and review all the items logged in the fitness journal and applying that into a method of personal training.

One could also take that to another level and utilize not only the fitness portion of tracking the items but also the diet portion as well.  If one was to build off of each client eventually they will find out what works for each client the best. Also, they will have a track record due to using fitness journals.  Another fitness journal idea would be to make a whole plan to sell separately based upon information gathered from tracking all the previous diets and what derived from data coming from the old journals.  Not speaking only to fitness, but also meal plans. There are countless ways that tracking data in a log will help you monetarily and physically.

Don’t Forget to Log Your Shirt

One thing about is that we’re always looking for ways to improve all situations we are in good or bad.  Good things can become great things and of course, things that are not so good can get better and better.  Find out what motivates you, find a fitness journal idea that will help you meet your fitness needs, and go after it.  Know that there will be hard days you will need to push through, but also know that you’re not alone in the struggle. Buy a customized shirt from for each day of your workout, so you feel comfortable and feel motivation each time you walk into the gym. Log your shirt in your journal, so you can see which shirt motivates you the most, as you get out there and smash through all the barricades that are in the way of you reaching your dreams.