Grit and Grind Gear was created by two disabled veterans who were tired of seeing the exact same thing.  Going around the world, working out at different gyms; it just seemed like there was so much out there yet so little. With the rise of social media, it became even more apparent that it was proving more difficult to show your individuality.  So many times people settle: They like the shirt, don’t like the logo/slogan.  Like the slogan, don’t like the type or material of the shirt.  Like the shirt and slogan, but don’t like the color.


Our vision is to provide people exactly what they want. This is your life and your personality.  You’re the paying customer, why is it so hard to get what YOU want? We want to provide the fitness world choices.  Choices that show what kind of person you are. We hope to expand past shirts and provide options for many other garments in the future. Leggings, sports bras, kids clothing, embroidery; the possibilities are endless. No more catering to the brand when the brand is able to cater to you!


We pride ourselves in diversity, and we consider the entire fitness industry as family.  Whether that is cross fit, a full time mother, marathon runner, body builder, power lifter, gym rat, physique model, or someone who just likes to go to the gym. We all have our reasons, our goals, and our stories. That is why our models play such an important role.  It isn’t just about finding the best and biggest names out there.  To us it is more about capturing the essence of why people go to the gym and hopefully inspire others to continue being active.