Why was created from a need, created out of a void in the industry.  We were tired of seeing the same thing from site to site, t-shirts with a logo in some color that you would settle for simply because you had no other option. is not solely for “gym rats”, but for anyone out there grinding to be a better person in any aspect of their lives. The customization of the T-shirt is what stands out among others.  

You may be a sneaker head, like purses, fitted hats, or even makeup; we’ve got the shirt to match and for the right price.  Individuality is growing to be more and more the norm, and what better way to stand out than to have a shirt that only you own? Listens to Your Feedback! is an evolving brand. While at the moment we only sell T-shirts, future plans include sports bras, leggings, kids apparel, embroidered shirts and pants, and of course more designs!  

We are not perfect, and any objective or constructive criticism will not only be greatly appreciated, it’s possible that these changes would be implemented in our practices.  Keep in mind that we started Grit and Grind Gear from the ground up, and we learn lessons every day, constantly trying to do better than we were yesterday.

  • Will mistakes be made? Yes
  • Will we learn from them? Yes
  • Will we be better because of it? Yes

Our focus is not to do whatever we want and have people settle, but to have an upward spiral of excellence through the implementation of feedback from customers.

Who is Customers?

We set out a vision on the entire fitness industry.  This isn’t a brand for just crossfitters, marathon runners, bodybuilders, physique models, powerlifters, or swimmers. Our vision is to provide enough product that allows everyone in the fitness industry to get exactly what they are looking for.

This includes IFBB pros to the casual gym go-er who just wants to maintain. We at strive to give the customer a world class experience, regardless of actual gym experience. This is not an easy feat and we are the type that step up to the challenge and face it head on.  


Every Customer is Special to! (*Limited Time Offer*)

Since is just beginning, we have decided to do fully customizable shirts upon request.  If a consumer wants a specific logo on their shirt that we currently do not have, we will attempt to have the shirt made to the customer spec.

This will require much communication between us and the individual who wants the custom item.  Once that takes place we can come to a final agreement on how the shirt should look.


Please follow us through this journey, growing together and being better than we were yesterday. This company takes the same intensity and grind that many of you do.  We are hard workers who work for the people.